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Civil Defence Rescues Persons from the flash floods in River Tawi


Civil Defence rescues trapped persons out of the fast flowing flood waters


Jammu August 26: During the intervening night of 24-08-2006 & 25-08-2006 at 2:30 a.m. A Civil Defence Rescue and Central training Institute party were rushed in a Civil Defence Ambulance towards River Tawi at Jogi Gate Ghat where in the middle of River Tawi eight (8) Labours were trapped in the Floodwaters alongwith sand carrier tipper truck NO. JK02M 8925 and were crying for help and their savior. Since the Flood Water was flowing very fast and was 10 feet deep it was very difficult to carry out any rescue operation, but Civil Defence team with courage and by putting forth Civil Defence Skills succeeded in taking trapped persons out of the fast flowing flood waters thus there precious lives were saved. In this matter there are clear orders of Sh. Navin Agarwal, IPS, Inspector General Of Police, HGICD & Aux. Police that Civil Defence rescue party and other such Civil Defence parties should remain ready and vigilant round the clock especially during Monsoon season so that these Civil Defence parties are pressed into service of the public during any uncalled eventuality.