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Disaster related Training to NCC Cadets


Srinagar, May 12th: On the concluding day function of NCC Training classes on 11th May ‘2007, the Civil Defence, Srinagar imparted disaster related training to 500 NCC junior wing cadets at their Training Centre in the premises of JAKLI (Rangreth), Srinagar in which besides training lectures, a mock drill on earthquake was conducted. On this occasion among other the following witnessed the event:

1. Brig (R) Dr. Khanna, Member High Power Disaster Management Committee, Delhi.
2. Col. S.S. Raghav, Group Comdr. NCC
3. Col. S.S. Sambial, TRG Officer NCC HQ
4. Col. Incharge Trainings JAKLI
5. Shri A.H. Beig, Deputy Controller RCDCC
6. Sh. Mauzam Bakshi, Dy. Chief Warden, CD, Srinagar
7. Shri Amir Ali, Project Coordinator, UNDP

Brig Khanna spelled out the details of National Disaster Schemes and the role of cadets/ volunteers during mitigation programmes. Likewise Mr. Amir Ali along with the Civil Defence Team delivered training lecture and organized spot mock exercise regarding preventive measures to be taken in case of earthquake, natural and man-made disasters. NCC cadets participated in the drill with full enthusiasm under the command of Civil Defence Team which was highly appreciated by the guests. On this occasion Col. S.S. Raghav requested the Civil Defence for imparting similar type of CD practical trainings to their cadets in future.

During spot interaction, Dy. Controller RCDCC requested NCC authorities for providing nominal role of senior division cadets enabling RCDCC to enroll Srinagar resident cadets in the CD service.