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Civil Defence role appreciated at Srinagar


Srinagar, September 20th: A full dress Mock exercise was conducted by the disaster management authority of India through Brig. Dr.B.K.Khanna at Ganpathyar Kral Khud on September 18, 2007 in which all the key stake holders participated including civil defence Srinagar.

The Civil Defence Kashmir had been given responsibility of dummy casualties and dummy injured persons at the site for which this organisation had provided civil defence volunteers for the said purpose.

Besides this, civil defence have provided rescue parties comprising of officials/ wardens with ambulance vehicles to the site and fire fighting party who was worked to the entire satisfaction of the Disaster Management officers.

In addition to this, civil defence also provided dummy fire victims who had been shifted from the place of incident to the relief camp at Hindu High School who have also exhibited their role very well. Later on Brig. Khanna interacted with the fire sufferers at relief camp.

After the exercise a press briefing was conducted by Brig.B.K.Khanna and Deputy Commissioner, Srinagar in which they have appreciated the role of other departments including Civil Defence Srinagar. The observers who were invited from out side the state lauded the role of civil defence during the exercise.

For conducting this whole exercise, Commandant Aux. Police1st Bn Srinagar provided all logical support. Besides this, also provided services of Aux. Police personnel. Central Training Institute HG/CD Srinagar provided (22) volunteers and Civil Defence Srinagar provided (100) civil defence volunteers, besides other staff of RCDCC Srinagar.