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Nuclear, Biological & Chemical (NBC) Weapons
  NBC Weapons

Protection against Nuclear, Biological & Chemical (NBC) Weapons:

Do's& Don'ts

The following types of Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Weapons are doubted to be in existence in the international field (though banned in Geneva Conventions after ww-1(1914-1918):

i) Biological Weapons :- Bacteria (Bacillus, Anthracis), Salmonella, Typhose, Pastreurella, Pestis, Vibrio Cholera, virsus (Reckettsial Prowa Zeki), Toxins (Botulinum, staphyococous). Many other Biological weapons are there against animals and plants also which indirectly affects human beings.
ii) Chemical weapons :- Nerve Gas (Tabun, sarin) Blister Gas (Mustard, Lewisite) Chocking gas (Phosgene, Diphosgene, Chlorine chloropicrin), Tear Gas (KSK, BBC, CAP) Nose Gas (Diphenyl chlorasine).

The suggested Do's and Don't for prevention/protection against all the three are as under:

A. Nuclear war

Before the attack


  • Construct/identify basements in your residence where the whole family can stay in for a fortnight.
  • Incase no basement available then in the open space in front of your house, construct bunkers as in conventional war (as some protection is better than no protection)
  • Stock the shelter with non perishable foods and water to be replaced regularly before getting unhygienic
  • Construct toilet facilities in the basement/shelter.
  • Store ample candles and battery lights.
  • Remove stocks of flammables if any
  • Keep battery operated miniature transistor /TV sets in the basement.
  • Familiarize with instructions / operational procedures being broadcasted/ telecasted at stipulated hours by Civil Defence authorities.
  • Paste black paper on window/door glass panels.
  • Familiarize with community shelters in your locality in consultation with
    CD/Revenue/Police authorities.


  • Do not consume open food/drinks/water beverages etc. lying under the open sky
  • Do not move out of shelters/basements unless instructed by authorities.
  • Don't stir up dust or brush foods and water to be replaced against things when regularly before getting unhygienic moving in fallout areas.
  • Don't smoke, eat or drink in exposed area.
  • Don't kneel, lie or sit on the ground.
  • Don't walk barefooted or in open slippers
  • Don't move out of your shelter without proper protection to breathing passages at least during the first 24 hours after the blast.
  • Don't use flour from gunny bags, foods, wrapped in paper water from open pools/lakes.
  • Don't dust your ventilators in discriminately.
  • Don't permit contaminated persons in basements/ shelters unless decontaminated.

During Attack ... Do's

  • In open, immediately drop to ground and remain in lying position.
  • Protect eyes and exposed skin areas by covering eyes and face with hand.
  • Protect ears with fingers or thumbs after covering eyes with palms to prevent ear drum rupture.
  • Stay down after the initial shock wave, wait for the winds to die down and debris to stop falling.
  • If blast wave does not arrive within five seconds of the flash you were far enough from the ground zero and initial radiation exposure will not exceed 150 rads.
  • Dive out of the way of any windows or doors to avoid injury due to glass/window splinters.
  • If in a vehicle on detection of flash, dive from the vehicle to face down in prone position. Dive in the direction of the flash to avoid the vehicle over turning on you due to blast.

After Attack ... Do's

  • Stay down under cover until debris stop falling.
  • Stay calm. Burn, in juries dazzle and concern over radiation exposure may
    combine to create panic.
  • Blast wind will generally end in one or two minutes after burst and burns, Cuts band bruises are no different than conventional injuries. Dazzle is temporary and vision should return in few seconds.
  • If survived the blast, the chance of being exposed to lethal dose of radiation is relatively small unless located in an early fall out area.
  • Expect some initial dis-orientation as the blast wave may blow down and carry away many prominent and familiar features. Beware of weakened structures and trees from collapsing.
    Put out fires before they spread.
  • Improve our cover. Cover the openings of shelters to prevent the entry of fall our particles.
  • When coming from contaminated area follow simple decontamination procedures like removal of clothing outdoors and having a bath before
    entering safe area.

B. Biological Warfare


  • Follow Permanent implementation of body hygiene measure such as trimming of fingers nails regularly and washing hands with soap and water before eating or drinking.
  • Follow active immunization as available
  • Wash all new vegetables in detergents before cooking or eating
  • Repot any case of sickness in the family/ neighbourhood to health authorities.
  • Help authorities in destruction of infected stock of food, crops live stock etc.
  • Keep your premises clean.
  • Spray/use insecticides to keep vectors away.
  • Store ample food and water under cover and replace the same regularly before getting spoiled
  • Use mosquito nets/repellants at night.
  • Store ample water for ablution/ decontamination



  • Don't allow waste particularly food waste material to accumulate in or around your promises.
  • Don't allow open pools/ collection of water in surrounding area.
  • Don’t panic and stay calm
  • Don’t consume stale food material.


C. Chemical warfare


  • Keep calm and do not panic.
  • Listen to the radio and follow official. Inform your neighbours basements unless especially the elderly and handicapped and assist them.
  • Stay inside if at home or shelter in a building and close all doors and windows. Seal all exterior openings and turn oft all ventilation, air-conditioning and heating.
  • Protect your mouth and nose, if in the open, with a wet cloth or a
    Protective mask.
  • Take shelter in the nearest building and remain inside until otherwise instructed by the authorities.
  • Don’t telephone as this overloads the system.
  • Follow the orders of the Civil Defence, Fir service, Police or other intervening services.
  • Eat only food stored inside a building such as tinned food and preserved one. Drink only from bottles or cartons. Follow the instructions on the use of tap water
  • If you are in a car, turn off the ventilation and close the windows Listen to the radio and take shelter in the nearest building. Follow the instructions of the authorities. If in a public transport, follow the crew's instructions.


  • Don’t consume open food/drinks /water/beverages etc. lying under open sky.
  • Don't move out of your shelter/ basements unless instructed by authorities.
  • Don't stir up dust or brush against things when moving in contaminated area.
  • Don't smoke, eat or drink in exposed areas.
  • Don't kneel, lie or sit on the ground
  • Don't walk barefooted or in open slippers
  • Don’t move out of your shelter without proper protection to breathing passages.
  • Don't permit contaminated persons in basements/ shelters unless decontaminated for.