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Dilbag Singh IPS
Commandant General

On 6th Dec-1946, Homeguards were raised in Mumbai to assist the Police in controlling Civil Disturbances and Communal riots. After Chinese Aggression in 1962, the Centre advised states, UTs to merge their existing voluntary organisations into an all India force known as Homeguards which would be voluntary both in concept and character. Civil Defence also emerged in 1962 as an organisation of the people to minimise the effects of any enemy action.

In J&K some erstwhile members of the Homeguard were enrolled into two Auxiliary Bns in 1990. Same two Bns were later converted into two SDRF Bns in 2012, keeping in view the Disaster sensitivity of the state, giving further impetus to the core activities of Civil Defence, which has hundreds of thousands trained volunteers over the years and the Homegaurds which has 43 companies sanctioned strength now.

The Civil Defence was earlier operating in 19 CD Towns. However after the Govt. of India included 13 Districts from the J&K state among 100 Multi Hazards Districts throughout the country, the spread of its activities now covers 13 full Districts and 06 Towns. The Homeguard and the SDRF Bns have their presence almost in every District of the state.

During the current year 114 training camps, 387 awareness camps, 107 Mock Drill exercises, 152 Rescue operations were conducted in which 7000 CD volunteers and 571 NCC cadets/NSS volunteers were trained. Besides thousands of School children/Govt. employees of different departments were given Civil Defence awareness. In Homeguards 3000 Homeguard volunteers were trained in different training programmes. In addition the Homeguard volunteers participated in SANJY duty, Haj duty, Independence & Republic Day Parades and other big public functions/events.

We are currently focused on the capacity building for SDRF Personnel and members of Civil Defence/Homeguards for which a number of plans are currently in action.

I congratulate all the members of HG/CD/SDRF on this occasion.

Commandant General






A view of Homeguard volunteers contingent who participated in 15th August 2017 Parade held at Parade Ground Jammu

During the period, 217 Homeguard volunteers were engaged/re-engaged in J&K Homeguard organisation and 498 Homeguards volunteers underwent Basic, Advanced, Refresher and capsule Training Courses at Central Training Institute of Homeguards/Civil Defence at Jammu and Kashmir besides 1759 Homeguard Volunteers were imparted Disaster Management training at various District level. Moreover, 257 Homeguard volunteers were deployed on SHRI AMARNATH JI ANNUAL YATRA-2017 at important places i.e. Baltal, Pahalgam, Sheshnag, Railpathri, Sangam, Nunwan, Chandanwari, Pissutop, Panjtarni, Jammu, Chichi Mata, Kathua, Udhampur, Ramban alongwith SDRF personnel & Civil Defence volunteers on rotational basis and about 148 VHGs performed Hajj Duty in Kashmir. Besides VHGs deployed at different stations to assist the District Administration in order to maintain Law & Order duty, Traffic Regularization duty, shifting & lifting of injured persons from border area to safer places whenever shelling on the border and Road accidents rescue in evacuating/shifting injured persons to hospital.




Civil Defence J&K enrolled 581 wardens and 6979 volunteers in various CD towns of J&K during the year-2017. Civil Defence J&K organised about 387 awareness camps in various CD towns of the state in which a large number of civilian population were acquainted with the aims, objectives and importance of Civil Defence during disaster. Civil Defence J&K conducted 257 CD Demonstrations/ Mock exercises in various CD towns in which live demonstrations on Fire-Fighting, First aid, Rescue operations from high buildings were exhibited. Besides about 152 Rescue operations were also conducted during landslide, floods, road accidents etc. by CD rescue teams alongwith SDRF in various CD Towns of the State.



A view of Civil Defence volunteers who assisting the pilgrims during their registration for Shri Amarnath Ji Yatra-2017 at Jammu

During the period, 114 training camps were organised in various CD towns of J&K in which about 6979 CD volunteers were trained in various Disaster Management techniques during disaster like Earthquake, Fire-fighting, Flood, First aid, shifting of casualty, Rescue operations from high buildings with the help of ropes and ladders etc.



Police personnel from other wings were acquainted with Disaster Management skills during a lecture delivered by Smt.Rashmi Wazir, SSP Commandant SDRF 2nd Bn. Jammu


= 11
= 08
HC(M) to ASI(M)
= 10
HC(W) to ASI(W)
= 05
Sgct. to HC
= 07
Constable to Sgct. = 272


Name of Training Institute
Name of Course undergone
Number of officers/officials trained
PTTI Vijaypur
05 Weeks Disaster Management Training Course
Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering & Winter sports Nunwan Pahalgam
14 days Avalanche Rescue cum Skiing course
7 th /8 th NDRF Bns Bathinda/Ghaziabad
06 weeks TOT on MFR & CSSR course
Homeguards/Civil Defence Academy Bangalore
All India Waterman ship course
07 + 01 CD warden
Rock Area Nud, Samba under Armed Police
10 days specialized Rescue training course
High Altitude Warfare School, Gulmarg
One Week Snow Avalanche Rescue Course
NDRF Academy NCDC Nagpur
01 MOT in MFR & CSSR Course
NITSRDR, BTC Bhanu, Panchkulla, Haryana
One month TOT in MFR & CSSR Course
NCDC Nagpur
Various Disaster Management Courses
48 + 06 CD wardens


Role of Homeguard in Disaster Management

Vikas Gupta, SSP

Prevailing conditions at the global level are indicator for the disasters ahead. At present hardly any day is passed when we did not come across the incidence of disaster either man made or natural. Worldwide efforts are being made to enhance the community capacity building for reducing the life and property losses in these disasters, as prediction and prevention are the least option available to world.
India being second largest country population wise as well as one of the most congested country density wise, any major Natural Disaster like earthquake, flood etc has its great ramification both in case of life and property. The vulnerability of state of J&K to flood, earthquake, forest fire, accidents etc is quite high. The topography of the state is such that by the time external help is provided much of damage is expected if there will be no support from the locals.



The preceding paras are explanatory to the need of Volunteers of Home guard to be trained well in handling the disaster being strategically posted in Police station and police post of the state. The volunteers are trained in the Civil Defence cum Disaster Management Training Course, Refresher Courses, Capsule courses apart from Basic Course. During all these courses they are trained in handling Disaster as first responder to minimize the impact as well of losses both human and property. The volunteers are trained in searches and rescue in collapsed structure, accidents, landslide etc, handling and evacuation of victims, providing first Aid to the victims as well as CPR and handling of rescue equipments. Thus the home guard volunteers who are trained in rescue and relief work will be able to meet the demand of trained manpower for providing services to the affected people during natural calamity as well as man-made disaster.

The advantage of this trained man power is that they are available in remotest part of the state, be it the marwah-dacchan area of Kishtwar, Mahore area of Reasi, Loren Mandi of Poonch or Bani area of Kathua. This manpower is available in the hostile area of LOC and IB for helping the civilians for evacuation, security or relief to the displaced person during skirmishes. The volunteers are all along the national Highway working closely with civil authority in rescuing accidental victims. These trained manpower is and will be first responder in case of any disaster, be it natural or man-made, in mitigating the impact and minimizing the loss both life as well as property.




Suneel Raj, SSP

Training is an integral part of Homeguards and Civil Defence organisation. To cater the need of Homeguards and Civil Defence volunteer training Central Training Institute has been established one in Jammu and one in Kashmir. The Jammu & Kashmir Central Training Institute of Homeguards & Civil Defence came into existence with a view to provide training to the Homeguards & Civil Defence volunteers. The overriding objective is to create high quality manpower for manning disasters effectively and reaching out to the affected populace during any eventuality. The role of Homeguards & Civil Defence have assumed greater significance in view of the frequent disasters.

Homeguard volunteers are given basic training in drill with and without arms, weapon training, fire discipline, crowd control, field craft, patrolling, map reading and Civil Defence training including fire fighting, rescue, first-aid, flood relief etc. The Institute in the recent past organised “10 days Refresher Training Course” for wardens of CD towns in which resource persons and SDRF instructors delivered lectures and gave demonstrations.

THE TRAINING PROGRAMME FOR HOMEGUARDS can be classified into four broad categories:

  1. Basic Training : 45days training in the first year of Joining including 10days camp training
  2. Refresher Training : In the 2nd year of Joining including 08 days camp training
  3. Advance Training
  4. Leadership Training : 21 days training for section & platoon Commander 30 days for company commanders


  • Orientation Course training in drill and discipline for Civil Defence wardens/ volunteers.
  • Advanced Training Course for Civil Defence Wardens/Volunteers in and outside State.

CTI Role in Disaster Management

At state level CTI have been designated as the Nodal training centre for incident management. It provides two-tier training:-

  1. Training to trainers who shall mobilize further training.
  2. Maximum number of Civil Defence wardens, volunteers and citizens to be trained by the trainer
  3. Training of specialized search and rescue teams (a multi disciplinary team) constituted by Police, Homeguards, PHE, F&E, Health, PWD, RDD, PDD, Municipality Corporation.

Off-camps training: CTI instructors also conduct number of Civil Defence basic training for Civil Defence volunteers/orientation programme to Civil Defence volunteers in various Civil Defence towns both in Jammu & Kashmir.

Demonstration/Mock Exercises: In order to create awareness among general masses and to check response time, CTI instructors alongwith Civil Defence volunteers organize demonstration/mock exercises in various CD towns.


Rashmi Wazir- SSP

Disaster is a sudden, calamitous and unfortunate event that brings with it great damage, loss, destruction and devastation to human life as well as property and also hampers the ongoing developmental projects in a particular area being affected by the disaster. Disaster has been defined in many ways; World Health Organization has defined disaster as any sudden occurrence of the events that causes damage, ecological is eruption, loss of human life, deterioration of health and health services, on a scale efficient to warrant an extraordinary response from outside the affected community or area. Disaster management is very important to survive in the case of a natural or a major man-made disaster and can be defined as the organization and management of resources and responsibilities for dealing with all humanitarian aspects of emergencies, in particular preparedness, response and recovery in order to lessen the impact of a sudden disaster.

Disaster preparedness or disaster management activities are aimed to minimize loss of life and damage in the event of a disaster. Disaster management forces can help by removing people and property from a threatened location and by facilitating timely and effective rescue, relief and rehabilitation at the place of disaster. Preparedness is the only way of reducing the impact of disasters. The Jammu & Kashmir State Government/SDMA the primarily responsible for taking preparedness measures and building response capacity as per the vulnerability to various natural disasters. Consequently the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) comprising of two (02) Battalions came to be constituted after conversion of the two (02) Auxiliary Police Battalions Vide Govt. Order No. 159 (HG) Home of 2012 dated 21-02-2012(one each at Srinagar and at Jammu). The SDRF personnel since then have undergone various Trainings/Courses in Disaster response mechanisms both in the state as well as outside the state. Presently more than 65% of the total strength of the Bn. have completed their Trainings in various disaster response techniques. The organizational structure, qualification requirements of personnel and equipment for Search and Rescue Teams is similar to NDRF Teams.

Training and equipping of Search & Rescue Teams of SDRFs is undertaken by the State Governments in consultation with the NDMA and MHA. Each Search and Rescue (SAR) team have been trained for search, rescue and evacuation in collapsed structure and medical first response. Some units of the select SAR Teams have also been trained and equipped for deep-water rescue, slithering and industrial accidents. The Mandate of the SDRF includes-

  • Continually Train/Re-train its personnel and upgrade skills.
  • Conduct Awareness Camps/Trainings to CD/HG volunteers, School Children’s, NGO’s, Paramilitary forces, Police – so as to create large resource of skilled Man power to respond to any disaster situation.
  • Conduct mock drills, rehearsals and demonstration.
  • Pre-Deployment of Rescue Teams during impending disaster.
  • Rescue and search during actual disasters.
  • Assist in relief and rehabilitation.



Javaid Hassan Bhat, SSP

INTRODUCTION - Home Guards is a voluntary force, first raised in India in December, 1946, to assist the police in controlling civil disturbance and communal riots. Subsequently, the concept of the voluntary citizen’s force was adopted by several states. In the wake of Chinese aggression in 1962, the Centre advised the state and union territories to merger their existing voluntary organization into one uniform voluntary force known as Home Guards. The role of Home Guards is to serve as an auxiliary to the police in maintenance of internal security, help the community in any kind of emergency such as an air-raid, fire, cyclone, earthquake, epidemic etc., help in maintenance of essential services promote communal harmony and assist the administration in protecting weaker sections, participate in socio-economic and welfare activities and perform civil Defense duties.

What we are doing? (Role of Home Guards in Kashmir valley)

The services of Home Guard volunteers are provided throughout the year for the assistance of police/Civil administration. The main services provided by HG volunteers are as under:

HAJJ DUTY - The services of VHG’s are utilized during Hajj every year. VHG’s at Hajj house and Airport Srinagar are provided to facilitate pilgrims on their departure. During this period VHGs are used to ferry the luggage of pilgrims, scanning of luggage’s and they also help aged pilgrims to board in buses both at Hajj House and Airport round the clock. On arrival of pilgrims 60 VHGs are again provided at Srinagar Airport to facilitate the Hajjis.


VHG’s played a pivotal role in making the Prime Minister’s Campaign “Swachta Hi Seva” a big success in valley. A number of cleanliness drives were taken by Homeguards wing by utilizing the services of VHGs. Hospitals, Schools, Canals and other Govt. establishments were cleaned by VHGs.

Shri Amar Nath Ji Yatra is an important event in Kashmir valley. Two contingents of VHGs are utilized both at Pahalgam and Baltal to facilitate the pilgrims. Being hilly terrain, the trained VHGs provide helping hand to the Civil/Police administration in securing the life of pilgrims’. They assist mountain rescue teams in their duties and are deployed for frisking duties at Baltal and Nunwan.

The services of VHGs are also utilized in regulating the traffic in Srinagar city and other District headquarters. the VHGs also participated in various road safety awareness programmes organized by DDMA and traffic police.

The services of VHGs are utilized in organizing various awareness/training camps throughout the year for the general public regarding the disaster management.

Participation of Homeguards contingents in Republic day, Independence day, Raising day of Homeguards and other national/state level parades is another service provided by VHGs in the valley throughout the year.

Snow clearance is another service provided by the VHGs during harsh winters. This service is provided in all Districts of the valley.

Apart from these allied services the VHGs rendered rescue and relief duties during the natural calamities such as floods, earthquakes etc,. In recent flash floods in Srinagar city the VHGs played key role in securing the lives of thousands of people in Bemina Shareefabad area by providing their services in sealing the bunds of over flowing Jhelum river and flood channel without caring for their lives.


The United Nations defines a disaster as a serious disruption of the functioning of a community or a society. Disasters involve widespread human, material, economic or environmental impacts, which exceed the ability of the affected community or society to cope using its own resources.

The Red Cross and Red Crescent societies define disaster management as the organization and management of resources and responsibilities for dealing with all humanitarian aspects of emergencies, in particular preparedness, response and recovery in order to lessen the impact of disasters.

TYPES OF DISASTERS - There is no country that is immune from disaster, though vulnerability to disaster varies. There are four main types of disaster.

Natural Disaster: including floods, hurricanes, earth quake and volcano eruptions that have immediate impacts on human health and secondary impacts causing further death and suffering from (for example) floods, landslides, fires tsunamis.

Environmental Emergencies: including technological or industrial accidents, usually involving the production, use or transportation of hazardous material, and occur where these materials are produced, used or transported, forest fired caused by humans.

Complex Emergencies: involving a break-down of authority, looting and attacks on strategic installations, including conflict situations and war.

Pandemic Emergencies: involving a sudden onset of contagious disease that affects health, disrupts services and businesses, and brings economic and social costs.

Any disaster can interrupt essential services, such as health care, electricity, water, sewage/garbage removal, transportation and communications. The interruption can seriously affect the health, social and economic networks of local communities and countries. Disasters have a major and long-lasting impact on people long after the immediate effect has been mitigated poorly planned relief activities can have a significant negative impact not only on the disaster victims but also on donors and relief agencies. So it is important that physical therapists join established programmes rather than attempting individual efforts.
Local, regional, national and international organizations are all involved in mounting a humanitarian response to disasters. Each will have a prepared disaster management plan. These plans cover preventions, preparedness, relief and recovery.

Disaster prevention: These are activities designed to provide permanent protection from disasters. Not all disasters, particularly natural disasters, can be prevented, but the risk of loss of life and injury can be mitigated with good evacuation plans, environmental planning and design standards. In January 2005,168 Governments adopted a 10-year global plan for natural disaster risk reduction called the Hyogo Framework. It offers guiding principles, priorities for action, and practical means for achieving disaster resilience for vulnerable communities.

Disaster Preparedness: These activities are designed to minimize loss of life and damage-for example by removing people and property from a threatened location and by facilitating timely and effective rescue, relief and rehabilitation. Preparedness is the main way of reducing the impact of disasters. Community based preparedness and management should be a high priority in physical therapy practice management.

Disaster Relief: This is a coordinated multiagency response to reduce the impact of a disaster and its long-term results. Relief activities include rescue, relocation, providing food and water, preventing disease and disability, repairing vital services such as telecommunications and transport, providing temporary shelter and emergency health care.

Disaster Recovery: Once emergency needs have been met and the initial crisis is over, the people affected and communities that support them are still vulnerable. Recovery activities include rebuilding infrastructure, health care and rehabilitation. These should blend with development activities, such as building human resources for health and developing policies and practices to avoid similar situations in future.

Disaster management is linked with sustainable development, particularly in relation to vulnerable people such as those with disabilities, elderly people, children and other marginalized groups. Health volunteers’ overseas publications address some of the common misunderstandings about disaster management.

What we can do?

  • Professional skills of Home Guards personal, a civil force assisting the Police/Civil administration in multifarious duties, are poised for further fine-tuning in the crucial area of disaster management.
  • Members of this auxiliary force across the state should be exposed to the latest methods connected with disaster management by experts through a sustained and systematic training to be imparted in batches. Experts from NDRF and other areas should be roped in for sensitizing the home guards personnel to the latest developments in disaster management.
  • The training module encompassing the latest aspects in disaster management should be provided by the National Civil Defense College, a premier training establishment which has been organizing skill enhancing training in the fields of search and rescue, first aid, communications and welfare services.
  • In addition to imparting specialized training to the Home guard Volunteers, they should also be involved in the task of enhancing knowledge and creating awareness for management of responses to disasters.
  • Though Home guards personnel have some knowledge on disaster management the objective should be to sharpen their skill by exposing them to the latest aspects in this crucial area.

The Endeavour is to get the members of this auxiliary force prepared to respond swiftly to natural calamities and to have a skilled manpower in place to manage when calamity strikes. This service can become more fruitful if the honorarium of VHGs is enhanced like other states. The basic unit of Homeguard organization is ‘’Homeguard Volunteer’’, it is very important for the organization that they remain motivated so that their services are utilized properly for the welfare of general public. Enhancement of honorarium will boost the morale of the VHGs which will further result in the quality rescue services.



Bashir Ahmed Sofi, SSP
CO SDRF 1st Bn. Sgr

Disaster Management - Jammu and Kashmir is one of the most vulnerable states of India and has a long history of loss oflife and property due to various disasters. The State experiences several disasters of recurrent naturethat result in loss of life, livelihood and properties. Such events not only disrupt economic activity butalso cause immense hardship to the affected population. The changing climate has already shown itssigns in the form of extreme weather conditions which have been further aggravated by many illpracticesresulting in deforestation and environmental degradation. The State which was famous for itsmighty glaciers is now experiencing a recession of the same.

The State has also witnessed unplanned and ill-planned development practices leading to Enhanced vulnerabilities to floods, etc. The State is fast losing its traditional practices especially withregard to construction work and heritage. The recent disaster events witnessed in the State have shownthe enhanced socio-economic and physical vulnerabilities and have taught many lessons.

Hazard Prone Areas

  1. Earthquakes - Most parts of the Kashmir Valley (11% of the area of the state) covering the Districts of Srinagar, Ganderbal, Baramulla, Kupwara, Bandipora, Budgam, Anantnag, Pulwama, Doda, Ramban, Kishtwar come under Seismic Zone V, where around 50% of the population of the State lives. Rest of the State including whole of Ladakh region and Jammu Division (90% of the total area of the state) are under the Seismic Zone IV.
  2. Floods - Low-lying areas of the Kashmir Valley, especially Sonawari, Awantipora, Srinagar, alongwith parts of Jammu are prone to floods. Upper catchments of all the tributaries of the Jhelum, Indus, Chenab and Tawirivers are prone to flash floods.
  3. Avalanches & Snow Blizzards - Higher reaches of Kashmir including Anantnag, Kulgam, Gurez, Kargil, Leh, Doda, Ramban, Kishtwar, Banihal etc. face avalanches.
  4. Landslides - Areas along major highways particularly Ramban, Panthial, Banihal, Doda, Kishtwar, Gulmarg, Dawar, Gurez, Tangdhar, Rajouri etc. are landslide prone.
  5. Drought - Most parts of Jammu division including Doda, Udhampur, Kathua, Jammu etc. are drought prone.
  6. Wind storm - Occasional wind storms destroying crops, horticulture and roof-tops of houses. Ladakh has been identified as prone to high speed winds.
  7. Fires - All District Headquarters/ densely populated towns and especially Gurez, Doda, Kishtwar and other inaccessible areas are prone to fire incidents. However, fire incidents are equally high in the plains as well as in Srinagar city.
  8. Rail & Road accidents - Hilly roads especially in Doda, Ramban, Udhampur, Rajouri, Reasi, Poonch, Kishtwar, Ramban, Baramulla, Anantnag, Pulwama, Budgam, Jammu, Kathua, Zojila, Kargil, Leh etc. are prone to road accidents.
  9. Cloudbursts - All hilly areas of the State are prone to cloudbursts.
  10. Human induced disasters- All Districts are vulnerable to man-made disasters.
  11. Others several parts of the state face hazards like thunderstorms, cloud burst, hailstorms, forest fires, dam bursts, heavy snowing, human epidemics and livestock epidemic, etc. from time to time; few of which occasionally convert into situations like disaster.

It is in this context that the Government has recognized the need to have a proactive and comprehensive approach towards disaster management at the State and lower levels.

After commencement of National Disaster Management Act-2005, the NDMA got constituted at National level with SDMAs at the State level as well. Subsequently, in terms of DM Act National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) was constituted in the country for the purpose of specialized response to natural and man-made disasters during the year 2006. Simultaneously, the SDRF (State Disaster Response Force) has been composed in many states. In J&K State two erstwhile Auxiliary Police battalions ( 1st at Srinagar and 2nd at Jammu) were converted into SDRF Battalions vide Government order No:- 159(HG)-Home of 2012 dated 21-02-2012 with the directions to train and equip these battalions for responding to natural and manmade disasters. With the change of name, the responsibilities of these battalions also changed.

Since the creation of SDRF in J&K state, the SDRF personnel have been put to different specialized training courses in Disaster Management/ Collapsed Structure Search & Rescue/ Medical First Responder/ Flood & Water Rescue/ Mountain Rescue and likewise. These trainings have been imparted in and outside the state like NDRF Nagpur/ Bhatinda/ JIM/HAWS etc.

This Bn has initiated swimming cum boat rowing course for SDRF personnel at Dal Lake, Srinagar since year 2015 and (171) personnel were trained during the year 2015 while (45) personnel of both SDRF Bns of Jammu & Srinagar were imparted two week’s swimming cum boat rowing course. Similarly (37) personnel of SDRF Kashmir have been imparted (15) days Boat Driving Training course at Dal Lake, SKICC, Srinagar in Oct-Nov,2017.

A Water Rescue QRT of SDRF is deployed at Nehru Park, Srinagar since year 2008 in order to undertake water rescue activities and to dal drowning cases throughout Kashmir province. This QRT in addition to water rescue operations impart swimming cum boat rowing course to the SDRF men.

SDRF components comprising of (25 to 30) personnel each are deployed in all the districts of Kashmir province and the Jammu Division as well for responding to natural calamities/other disasters and to carry out rescue operations during such disasters. They also conduct regular awareness cum training programmes, community awareness , school safety and mock drills on Disaster management/ preparedness in their respective areas of responsibility.

The Rescue Equipment procured by the Directorate of SDRF/HG/CD, J&K, have been distributed among all the SDRF components deployed in different districts in order to respond rapidly during eventualities and timely rescue measures are undertaken.

The SDRF personnel have carried out various Rescue operations and a few are reflected below:

  1. On March-19,2012 about 2000 tourists including local Shikara drivers were rescued by SDRF Water Rescue Team in Dal Lake, Srinagar when ravaging windstorm took place.
  2. During collapse of JantaKadal (a foot bridge in Rainawari Srinagar area) 0n 11th August-2012 in which 17 people including ADC Srinagar and SHO Nigeen who got drowned were rescued by SDRF Water Rescue Team.
  3. During intervening night of 19/20-08-2013, the SDRF MRT deployed at Sheeshnag rescued after putting their lives in risk/ strenuous efforts saved life of four Sadhu yatries who had lost their way due to heavy rains and darkness. The rescue operation was appreciated by the Hon’ble Governor, J&K, and a cash reward of Rs 50,000-00 was awarded to SDRF contingent by Shri Amar Nath Ji Shrine Board for this commendable job.
  4. Joint Rescue Operation conducted by SDRF Kupwara with GREF/ local police when Snow Avalanches/Landslides took place at Sadhna Top on Kupwara-Karnah NHW on 3-4 March-2014 in view of heavy snowfall and rescued stranded passengers. This clips operation were also broadcasted by Doordarshan Kendra.
  5. During collapse of a building at Hyderpora on 22nd August-2014, the SDRF team with Timely action rescued six labourers alive from the debris of collapsed house.

Apart from its forte of response, the force has actively conducted continuous community capacity building programmes with a vision to work towards a disaster resilient state .

I am confident that all officers and men of SDRF will strive earnestly, with unflinching resolve, continue to carry out their mandate with utmost sincerity and dedication in the future and always uphold our motto “SERVICE TO HUMANITY IS SERVICE TO THE NATION”.

On behalf of all ranks of the force, I assure our community that SDRF is for you, with you always and everytime.



Anita Pawar, Dy.SP
Dy. Controller CD Jammu

Civil Defence was formalized under act 1968 which measures for safe guards for civil population against the effect of hostile attacks, whether by air or otherwise; have becomes necessary part of the Defence organization of every civilized country.

Civil Defence is very wide subject which touches all aspects of the community life its main aim is to minimize the effect hostile attack and provide protection of life and property yet maintain the continuity of production.

Disaster Management:- The role of Civil Defence has been extended to disaster preparedness and mitigation retaining its original character also to make it district centric which earlier was confined to few categorized towns within municipal limits.

The government of India has already declared 100 multi-hazards towns throughout the country, out of which 13 districts of J&K state has been included which speaks about the vulnerability of our state. It may be mentioned here that Jammu is falling in seismic Zone 4 and Kashmir in seismic Zone 5, for which large number of volunteers are required to be enrolled to face the challenged at the time of earthquake and disaster to act as first responder to minimize the damage to loss of life and property to a large extent.

The volunteers of civil defence, in imparting the training of various kinds of responses against natural and manmade disaster. The major task of civil Defence Organization is to build capacity by way of enrolling volunteers, holding training, mock demonstrations. The role of Civil Defence volunteers in our society is under estimated and overlooked.

The Civil Defence being a voluntarily organization is the real foundation of administration and vibrant society which can be used by District administration when need arises for mitigation of disasters when its machinery falls short and counters a number of constraints.

The Civil Defence preparedness will always ensure long term survivability and sustain the pace of economic success achieved by our country in recent years.

Civil Defence activities in year – 2017

  • 2920 students and civilians aware during one day awareness programme w.e.f. January – 2017 to October – 2017.
  • 319 students / Civilians trained during 05 days CD basic training course w.e.f. January – 2017 to October – 2017.
  • 45 teachers trained during two days training programme in Education Department at State Insinuate of Education at Muthi Jammu
  • 200 students participated in debate competition on “International day for Disaster Risk Reduction”
  • 05 numbers demonstration camp organized during awareness / 05 days training programme
  • 168 NSS volunteers trained during 05 days training programme
  • 1800 of NCC cadets aware during 01 day awareness programme
  • 97 Civil Defence Wardens / Volunteers deployed during Shari Amar Nath Ji Yatra – 2017
  • 60 Civil Defence Wardens / Volunteers deployed during Navratra at Bahu Fort
  • 122 Civil Defence Wardens / Volunteers deployed during Jhiri Mela – 2017.
  • 100 Civil Defence Wardens / Volunteers deployed traffic duty on the eve of Diwali festival w.e.f 05-10-2017 to 21-10-2017
  • 90 Civil Defence Wardens / Volunteers Participated during “Swachhata Hi Sewa Hai ” at Tawi Bridge area
  • 50 Civil Defence Wardens / Volunteers deployed during Nagar Kirtan on 01-11-2017
  • 26 Civil Defence Wardens / Volunteers deployed during Walk Test of Forest Guards w.e.f.25-10-2017 to 03-11-2017
  • 20 Civil Defence Wardens / Volunteers deployed during Guru Nanak Birth day on 04-11-27
  • 37 CD Wardens / Volunteers deployed for Republic day-2017
  • 02 days workshop on Ist Aid training &awareness / Demonstration on Disaster Management at Rangpur Moulania Chakrohi R.S. Pura Boarder area.
  • 01 Civil Defence Wardens deputed for Disaster Preparedness training w.e.f 03-10-2017 to 03-11-2017 at National Civil Defence College Nagpur.







Sh.Dilbag Singh, IPS Commandant General HG/CD & SDRF J&K listened the grievances of officers and Jawans during a darbar held at SDRF 2nd Bn. Jammu

During visit, the Commandant General inspected the Bn. Quarter Guard where a general salute was present to him. On the occasion a darbar of officers/officials of the HG/CD & SDRF was held by Shri Dilbag Singh, IPS Commandant General Homeguards/Civil Defence & SDRF J&K in which Smt.Rashmi Wazir, SSP Commandant SDRF 2nd Bn. Jammu welcomed the Commandant General on his first visit after assuming the charge at SDRF 2nd Bn. Jammu. She briefed about the role of SDRF personnel during the disaster and highlighted various specialized courses they undergone inside and outside the state. During the darbar, Commandant General HG/CD & SDRF J&K listened the grievances of Jawans and gave on spot instructions for their redressal. Most of the Jawans reported that there is a promotional stagnation, some requested for in-situ promotion benefits with retrospective effects and pay anomaly.

Sh.Dilbag Singh, IPS Commandant General HG/CD & SDRF J&K alongwith officers witnessed demonstration on Search and Rescue operations held at SDRF 2nd Bn. Jammu

The Commandant General HG/CD & SDRF J&K assured the Jawans that their legitimate grievances and problems will be redressed as soon as possible. Moreover, he threw light on the recommendations of Pay anomaly committee report recently submitted to PHQ J&K under his chairmanship and said, which are under consideration with the higher authorities.

Speaking on the occasion, Commandant General asked the jawans to acquire better skills and be professional in their approach while conducting various rescue operations. They should focus on their trainings to handle the high value rescue equipments frequently. They should enhance their capability of dealing various types of disasters and rescue operations with human heart.

The Commandant General HG/CD & SDRF J&K also witnessed live demonstration of Search and Rescue operations pertaining to Collapsed Structure Search And Rescue (CSSR), Medical First Responder (MFR) and Mountaineering Training and Rescue conducted by SDRF personnel. He lauded the work and conduct of SDRF personnel during his visit.

Sh.Dilbag Singh, IPS Commandant General HG/CD & SDRF J&K redressing the grievances of the jawans of SDRF 1st Bn. during a darbar held at Srinagar
Sh.Dilbag Singh, IPS Commandant General HG/CD & SDRF J&K inspecting the SDRF equipments during his visit at SDRF 1st Bn. Srinagar

Moreover, Sh.Dilbag Singh, IPS Commandant General HG/CD & SDRF J&K also visited 1st Bn. Srinagar on 28-08-2017. During his visit he addresses the grievances of the jawans of SDRF 1st Bn. and gave on spot directions. On the occasion, Commendation certificates with cash reward were also distributed among the CD/SDRF official who participated in swimming competition across the Dal Lake. Commandant General also inspected the Bn HQ and SDRF equipments. A demonstration on Collapsed Structure Search and Rescue (CSSR) was also conducted on the occasion by the SDRF and NDRF personnel.



Sh.Dilbag Singh, IPS Commandant General HG/CD & SDRF J&K inaugurated free medial camp at Nehru Park Srinagar
A view of Medical camp organised by Civil Defence Srinagar at Nehru Park on 30-8-2017

On 30-08-2017, one day free medical camp was established by Civil Defence at Nehru Park Srinagar. The camp was inaugurated by Sh.Dilbag Singh, IPS Commandant General HG/CD & SDRF J&K. During the camp, the denizens were treated by expert doctors of SKIMS. Free medical aid facility were kept available during the camp by Dy. Controller Civil Defence Srinagar and about 500 locals were treated during the camp and free medical advice was served to the patients.



Sh.Dilbag Singh, IPS Commandant General HG/CD & SDRF J&K briefing the officers of the organisation during a meeting held at SDRF 2nd Bn. Jammu

Sh.Dilbag Singh, IPS Commandant General Home guards Civil Defence & SDRF J&K conducted detailed review of the Disaster Mitigation Capabilities of the SDRF along with CD awareness campaign during a meeting held on 20-09-2017 at SDRF 2nd Bn. Jammu.

During the meeting, Commandant General HG/CD & SDRF J&K accessed Civil Defence awareness programs, SDRF trainings and rescue activities carried out by these respective units. He was overwhelmed that the Home guards / Civil Defence volunteers are enrolled and trained in large number and these volunteers along with district SDRF units participated in many rescue operations pertaining to accident victims, cross border firing victims, highway accidents and militancy victims.

He apprised the officers regarding the limitations that they have in terms of training and rescue equipment, mobility of transport, living office accommodation etc. and assured that Hon’ble Chief Minister is taking proactive steps for Building Disaster Mitigation Capacity Buildings. She took a state level review recently wherein arrangement for Disaster Mitigation funds has been made to provide Disaster Mitigation Authorities and State Disaster Response Force with required basic infrastructure and equipment. Procurement of required equipment for the District Disaster Response Force unit shall be carried out on top priority as per instruction of Hon’ble Chief Minister.

He complimented the officers for the good work they have carried out and urged them to work in mission mode and work for enhancing the training and rescue capabilities seriously. During the meeting, Sh.Vikas Gupta, SSP officiating Director Homeguards Jammu, Smt.Rashmi Wazir, SSP Commandant SDRF 2nd Bn. Jammu and Dy.SsP of the organisation posted in Jammu Province were present.



Sh.Dilbag Singh, IPS Commandant General HG/CD & SDRF J&K kick started the cleanliness drive alongwith officers and Homeguard volunteers under the banner “Swachhta Hi Sewa Hai’ at SKIMS Medical College Bemina, Srinagar

On 25-09-2017, Homeguards Kashmir organized a cleanliness drive under the banner ‘Swachhta Hi Sewa Hai’ at SKIMS Medical College Bemina in collaboration with the Hospital authorities. In this drive about 150 Homeguard Volunteers participated. The drive was kick started by Sh.Dilbag Singh, IPS Commandant General Home Guards/CD & SDRF J&K who was the Chief Guest and Dr. G A Ahanger, Director SKIMS and EOSG, was the Guest of Honour.

Sh.Dilbag Singh, IPS Commandant General HG/CD & SDRF J&K briefing the officers of the organisation during a meeting held at Srinagar

On this occasion the Chief Guest lauded the role of Homeguard Volunteers and also emphasized on the cleaning of Hospitals and other Public institutions/places. The other officers present on the occasion were Sh. Javid Hassan Bhat, SSP, Director Home Guards Kashmir, Dr. Riyaz Ahmad Untoo, Principal SKIMS Medical College Bemina and all other Gazetted officers of Homeguard and Hospitals administration.

The Chief Guest later inspected Central Training Institute HG/CD Parimpora Srinagar and had a meeting with all the Area Commandants and Dy. Controllers Civil Defence of Kashmir Division at Director Homeguard office Bemina Srinagar. Commandant General HG/CD & SDRF J&K-Srinagar directed the officers to take up the matter of acquirement of land with Revenue authorities and also directed Director Homeguards Kashmir to personally inspect the sites and take up the matter with Dy. Commissioner and District Superintendent of Police concerned. Further he stressed upon achieving the targets for training of HG/CD volunteers and focus on training based on audio-visual training aids.



Sh.Dilbag Singh, IPS Commandant General HG/CD & SDRF J&K addressing the media person during one day workshop on ‘Disaster Management’ conducted at D.C office Budgam

One day workshop on ‘Disaster Management Preparedness and Rescue’ conducted at Shiekh-Ul-Alam Conference Hall D.C. office Budgam on 14-10-2017. Sh. Dilbag Singh, IPS Commandant General HG/CD & SDRF J&K was the chief guest on the occasion. Sh. Javid Hassan Bhat –JKPS officiating Director Civil Defence & SDRF Kashmir welcomed the chief guest on the occasion and briefed the role of Civil defence and SDRF during emergencies. Speaking on the occasion worthy Commandant General impressed upon all the stakeholders and CD wardens/volunteers to acquire better skills and be professional in their approach while conducting various volunteer activities of rescue operation and general assistance to victims of disaster etc. He asked all the participants to enhance their capability of dealing various types of disaster with human heart. He also witnessed the live demonstrations of search and rescue operation pertaining to collapsed structure / Medical first responder etc. The Commandant General lauded the work and conduct of civil defence wardens and volunteers.

Sh.Mohd Haroon, KAS Dy.Commissioner Budgam, Sh. Tajinder Singh IPS SSP Budgam, also participated and delivered lecture on Disaster Management on the occasion. Sh.Suneel Raj, SSP S.O to Commandant General, Sh. Abdul Majid Mir Dy. Controller Civil Defence Budgam, Sh. G M Dar course coordinator Disaster Management IMPA Srinagar, Sh. Arshed Yousuf Founder & Chairman Child crime protection, Care Kashmir, Dr.Abdul Majid Bhat, Chief Warden, Sh. Malik Muhamad Akber, Dy. Chief Warden, Sh.Manzoor Ahmed Shah, Sh.Muhammad Yaqoob Dar, Sh. Fayaz Ahmad Bhat Divisional Wardens, Other than students, teachers CD wardens, General public and all the HOD”s of District Budgam, large gathering of Civil society, Civil Defence wardens/volunteers were also present during the workshop.



SDRF personnel were acquainted with rescue techniques by the experts during workshop at SDRF 1st Bn. Srinagar
Sh.Dilbag Singh, IPS Commandant General HG/CD & SDRF J&K interacting with the experts of M/S Allied Safety Equipments Pvt. Ltd. during workshop held at SDRF 2nd Bn. Jammu

Two days Joint training workshop for Instructors on search/ rescue organized by M/S Allied Safety Equipments Pvt. Ltd. Maharashtra was conducted w.e.f. 05-11-2017 to 06-11-2017 at SDRF 2nd Bn. Hqrs. Jammu and w.e.f. 08-11-2017 to 09-11-2017 at SDRF 1st Bn. Srinagar. The Instructors/ SDRF officers/officials participated in the workshop. The experts imparted training on latest skills of Mountain and Rope Rescue to SDRF personnel. They also delivered training on handling and utility of new mountaineering equipment during the workshop. The SDRF personnel were given advanced training on Mountaineering Rescue during these two days. The expert representatives of the firm focused on advanced techniques for using ropes while rescuing from high rise building on various methods of Rappelling – Climbing by using the mountaineering equipments such as Ascender- Descender- Jumar with Rescue Pulley-Mitten-seat harness etc. The trainees also presented demonstrations on the occasion.

Sh. Dilbag Singh,IPS, Commandant General Hgds/CD & SDRF J&K paid a visit to the SDRF 2nd Bn.Hqrs.Jammu on 06-11-2017. Speaking on the occasion, he stressed upon the need for trainings to be imparted to Jawans. He emphasized that such nature of short trainings are useful for the SDRF personnel and should be organized in future for effective response to any disaster. He directed Commandants of SDRF Bns. to put the Jawans on daily practice sessions to enhance their skill in handling the disasters.



SDRF personnel were acA view of experts and participants during 3rd World Congress on ‘Disaster Managment’ held at Vishakhapatnam

A three day World Congress on Disaster Management was held jointly by Government of Andhra Pradesh, Disaster Management Initiatives and Convergence Society (DMICS), Gitam University and others at Vishakhapatnam from 7th to 9th November, 2017 in which experts, speakers and participants from various parts of the World participated. The experts and speakers from various Government and Private sectors from different countries spoke on the subjects like 1. Flood Risk Management 2. Resilient Housing and Infrastructure 3. Resilient Cities 4. Innovations for Disaster Management 5. Disaster Management in School Education 6. Disaster Management in Higher Education 7. Media and Disasters 8. Disaster Response 9. Disaster Relief and Reconstruction 10. Investing in Disaster Risk Reduction 11. International and Regional Cooperation for Disaster Management etc.

There was a huge participation from the various States which include officers and experts dealing with various aspects of Disaster Risk Reduction from IIT Roorkee/Mumbai/Patna, Tata Institute Mumbai, Republic of Turkey, NPCI Ltd. Mumbai, NAPSIPAG Bangladesh/Sri Lanka, JNU, ISRO, UN & International Organization, SS University England, IEPC Philippines, BAAD, Israel, International Angelegenheiten, MoERD, MoEWT Puntland, National University Singapore, Gitam University etc.

Shri Dilbag Singh, IPS chaired one of the Plenary Session alongwith Shri O P Singh, IPS DG CISF. In this session capabilities and expertise of the organization like Army, Navy, BSF and Police were highlighted by the panellists from these forces alognwith academicians, business representatives and social activists. While Shri O P Singh, IPS introduced the topics of the plenary session, Shri Dilbag Singh, IPS summed up the session with his observations on the level of preparedness and the challenges ahead. He also highlighted the kind of challenges faced by the State of J&K and the need for up-grading the capabilities and expertise of the organizations dealing with them. He also highlighted the difficulties faced during the floods of 2014 in J&K where gaps between the response and the prevailing situation were highlighted alongwith role of various organizations which participated in the Disaster mitigation and relief & rescue efforts during the floods of 2014 and the Earthquake of 2005. He urged that this kind of brainstorming and expert inputs shall be needed by the State authorities to build its capabilities.



Sh.Dilbag Singh, IPS Commandant General HG/CD & SDRF J&K along with officers during a review meeting held at SDRF 2nd Bn. Jammu

On 15-11-2017, Shri Dilbag Singh, IPS Commandant General HG/CD & SDRF J&K discussed the arrangements of Raising Day of the Homeguard/Civil Defence at SDRF 2nd Bn. Jammu. During the meeting all the arrangements to be made were discussed threadbare and different assignments given to the officers of the organization for preparations with full responsibility. Various contingents shall take part in the raising day parade and various rescue operations and demos shall be organised on the eve of raising day of the Homeguard/Civil Defence which is to be observed on 6th December, 2017.

After the discussion, he had a reviewed meeting to see the progress made in community awareness and disaster management training programmes carried out in various districts of Jammu province. Apart from Commandant General all the Gazetted Officers posted in Homeguard/Civil Defence and SDRF components in various districts, Shri Vikas Gupta, SSP Director Homeguard Jammu, Smt Reshmi Wazir, SSP CO-SDRF 2nd Bn and Shri Shabir Ahmed Malik,SSP SO to Commandant General also participated in the meeting.

It was observed that each district has carried out number of awareness and training programmes in their respective area wherein school children and community members from various walks of life were imparted training in various disaster mitigation activities. It was also decided that the telephone numbers 0191-2458677 of SDRF control room and 0191-2549100 of Civil Defence control room Jammu shall be publicised throughout Jammu province by the concerned officers so that anyone could make a call for rescue and response in case of any accident or other such contingencies. The officers were urged that the available vehicles and manpower should be put to use for rescue in case of any accident, minor fire, cases of water rescue etc. The nearby component must contribute to first aid and evacuation of accident victims as and when required.

The Commandant General directed the Commandant SDRF 2nd Bn. to conduct an exercise in river Chenab at Akhnoor wherein the skills of recently trained boat drivers shall be put to test alongwith rescue capabilities of the already trained swimmers and boat operators.

The Commandant General complimented the officers for their good work and asked them to work with full commitment to community awareness and capacity building regarding disaster mitigation.



Sh.Dilbag Singh, IPS Commandant General HG/CD & SDRF J&K alongwith officer of the organisation during a water rescue exercise carried out at Akhnoor, Jammu

On 17-11-2017, a water rescue exercise was carried out in river Chenab at Akhnoor wherein 03 teams of SDRF Jammu took part alongwith 02 inflatable motor boats and 01 manual inflatable boat. The exercise was prepared under the supervision of Commandant SDRF 2nd Bn Smt Reshmi Wazir and the team of her officers/officials dealing with training and rescue operations.

Shri Dilbag Singh, IPS Commandant General/DGP HG/CD & SDRF, J&K visited the site to witness the exercise alongwith SSP Shri Shabir Ahmed Malik and to have a capacity assessment of the water rescue teams. In the recent past a team of 15 officials of SDRF 2nd Bn Jammu were taken to Srinagar for basic training in swimming and boat driving. They also participated in this exercise. It was observed that the number of SDRF personnel skilled in swimming and boat driving is very limited for which more and more people need to be trained.

At the level of Directorate more such trainings are being planned. The SDRF also needs good water divers as there is hardly any one trained for this job. Arrangements are being tied up with some professional institute who could provide diving skills to selected persons of both the SDRF Battalions. Soon a team would be trained in diving after the arrangements are finalized.



Sh.Dilbag Singh, IPS Commandant General HG/CD & SDRF J&K along with officers during a Water Rescue Exercise held at Dal Lake Srinagar

On 18-11-2017, a review meeting of all the officers of SDRF 1st Bn , Director Home Guards Kashmir, Dy SsP of Home Guards and Civil Defence posted in various districts of Kashmir was conducted at Dal Lake, Srinagar to review the progress of various Disaster Management/ Mitigation, awareness & training programmes being carried out throughout Kashmir and also to assess the Water Rescue skill up gradation training in Swimming and Boat Driving being carried out in Dal Lake, Srinagar for the last over two months.

The trainees, 37 in number carried out a Water Rescue exercise at SKICC Ghat of Dal Lake where all the officers from the districts, Director Home Guards, Commandant SDRF 1st Bn and Commandant General/DG SDRF, Homeguards and Civil Defence, J&K witnessed the exercise. Despite very low temperature and heavy rains the trainees jumped in the Dal Lake one by one and showed their swimming and rescue skills. They all were tested on Boat Driving skills also.

“The training programme in the Dal Lake started from 2nd October-2017 onwards wherein first combined batch of (45) personnel of SDRF 1st Bn Srinagar and SDRF 2nd Bn Jammu were imparted training both in Swimming and Boat Driving and now the 2nd batch of 37 personnel from SDRF components of all ten districts of Kashmir valley and the SDRF Bn Hqrs Srinagar personnel participated.” The efforts put in have produced highly commendable results wherein a combined strength of (82) SDRF personnel have been trained in Water Rescue Management from Jammu and Srinagar battalions.



Sh.Dilbag Singh, IPS Commandant General HG/CD & SDRF J&K addressing the Civil Defence wardens during a meeting held at RCDCC Jammu

On 25-11-2017, a meeting of Senior Wardens of Civil Defence Organisation Jammu was convened in the Conference Hall of RCDCC (Regional Civil Defence & Disaster Management Control Center) Jammu under the Chairmanship of Sh. Dilbag Singh, IPS, Commandant General HG/ CD & SDRF, J&K-Jammu.

Among others, Sh. Shabir Ahmed Malik, SSP Staff Officer to Commandant General HG/CD & SDRF, J&K-Jammu, Sh. Joginder Singh, SSP PCR, Jammu and Smt. Anita Pawar, Deputy Controller Civil Defence, Jammu were also present in the meeting. At the very outset of the meeting Dy.Controller Civil Defence Jammu welcomed the worthy Commandant General HG/CD & SDRF J&K-Jammu on behalf of members present and highlighted the previous performance of Civil Defence Wardens/Volunteers.

During the meeting, Sh.Dilbag Singh,IPS Commandant General HG/CD & SDRF J&K- Jammu interacted with the Civil Defence wardens. He appreciated the role of Civil Defence Wardens for their voluntary service to the organization. He emphasized for more improvement for making their work beneficial for general public and gear up Civil Defence activities. He also stressed upon to remain extra vigilant in their areas and keep liaison with the Police & Civil Administration.
Besides, Sh.Paramjit Kumar, Chief Warden, Sh. Ranjit Singh, Dy. Chief Warden, Smt. Santosh Magotra, Divisional Warden, Sh. Jagdish Kumar, Dy. Divisional warden were also present in the meeting.




Dr. Nirmal Singh, Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister J&K alongwith officers/ volunteers kick started sanitation campaign “Swachhta Hi Sewa” from the banks of river Tawi at Jammu

Nationwide Sanitation Campaign “Swachhta Hi Sewa” launched on September 15, 2017 across the State and concluded on 03-10-2017. As part of the “Swachata Hi Sewa” campaign, awareness and cleanliness drives were organized by Homeguards/Civil Defence & SDRF J&K.

Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Nirmal Singh kick started sanitation campaign “Swachhta Hi Sewa” from the banks of river Tawi organized by Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) in collaboration with district administration to mark the 3rd anniversary of Swachh Bharat Mission on October 2nd 2017. Legislator, Rajesh Gupta, Divisional Commissioner Jammu, Dr. M.K. Bhandari, Commissioner JMC, M. Raju, Deputy Commissioner, Kumar Rajeev Ranjan besides Police and civil administration, members of civil society, Civil Defence/ Homeguard volunteers, students and a large number of volunteers were also present on the occasion.

Sh.Jugal Kishor, Hon’ble Member of Parliament alongwith officers/CD wardens started a sanitation campaign at Chichi Mata Temple, Samba
A view of officers/CD wardens & volunteers who started a sanitation drive at Bemina, Srinagar

The programme was launched at Railway Station Samba on 17-09-2017 by CD/HG & SDRF personnel which included a special cleanliness drive for promoting the sense of hygiene among general public. During the campaign, Hon’ble Minister of Industries Sh.Chander Parkash Ganga, MLA Samba Dr.Devinder Kumar Manyal, Deputy Commissioner Sheetal Nanda, SSP Anil Magotra, ADDC Vivek Sharma, Dy.SP DAR Samba Jeevan Sharma, Chief Warden and other Civil Defence officer/wardens, contributed in the drive. Moreover, Hon’ble Member of Parliament Sh.Jugal Kishore, MLA Samba, Dr.Devinder Kumar Manyal, Executive officer, BDO, DYSP DAR, Tehsildar,

CD wardens of district Samba also participated in the said drive which kick started near Chichi Mata Temple on 24-09-2017.

On 25-09-2017, CD/HG & SDRF Rajouri also launched sanitation drive at District Hospital Rajouri while on 15-09-2017 CD/HG & SDRF Reasi also launched drive on Swachh Bharat Mission at DC office complex Reasi.

On 25-09-2017, one day long campaign on Swachhta Hi Sewa was organized at Bemina, Srinagar. Moreover another campaign was organized by HG/CD unit Kulgam in which a number of HG/CD volunteers participated.



Sh. Nayeem Akther, Hon’ble Minister R&B J&K appreciated the Civil Defence volunteers during a campaign on ‘Ambulance first’ held at Srinagar

On 27-09-2017, Traffic department and Red Cross in collaboration with Civil Defence Srinagar organised, a campaign on “Ambulance first give way to Ambulance” at Srinagar. Sh. Nayeem Akther Hon’ble Minister R&B was the chief guest on the occasion. The campaign was attended by other dignitaries of transport department besides volunteers of Civil Defence & Red Cross etc. The role of Civil Defence wardens /volunteers was lauded by the chief guest on the occasion.




Sh.Ab. Rehman Veeri, Hon’ble Minister for Revenue, Relief / Rehabilitation and Disaster Management J&K addressing the participants during one day awareness camp organised at Dak Banglow, Anantnag

On 31-10-2017, District Disaster Management Authority in collaboration with Civil Defence Anantnag organized one day disaster management awareness camp at DAK Banglow Anantnag. During the camp about 250 stake holders participated and witnessed the demonstration exhibited by SDRF personnel and Civil Defence volunteers. Besides awareness camp a meeting of all the stakeholders was convened by Sh.Ab. Rehman Veeray, Hon’ble Minister for Revenue, Relief / Rehabilitation and Disaster Management who take stock of disaster management equipments

available in District. The event was attended by officers from all departments of the district and Director Disaster Management Anantnag.



A view of demonstration conducted during a programme on Disaster Risk Reduction Day organised at SDRF 2nd Bn. Jammu
Sh.Danish Rana, IPS the then IGP HG/CD & SDRF J&K briefing the students during a programme on Disaster Risk Reduction Day held at SDRF 2nd Bn. Jammu

International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction-2017 was celebrated on 13th October,2017 at Hqrs. of SDRF 2nd Bn. Jammu. Mock Drill Exercises cum Demonstrations on Rescue Operations during Man-made and Natural disasters like Road Accident, First Medical Responder, Collapse Structure Search and Rescue, Controlling of Small Fire incidents and Flood Water Rescue were conducted on the day.

A number of representatives from various departments (Stake Holders) ,Civil Defence Wardens, Teachers and Students of various Educational Institutions i.e Govt. Girls Hr. Sec. School Shastri Nagar, Govt. Girls Hr.Sec.School Mubarak Mandi, Shri Ranbir Hr.Sec.School, Oriental Academy Mohalla Afgan, Model Academy BC Road, Jodhamal Public School of Jammu were invited and witnessed the Mock Drill Exercises cum Demonstrations.

The Commandant SDRF Smt.Rashmi Wazir, SSP welcomed the participants and the Chief Guest Sh.Danish Rana, IPS, the then IGP Hgds/CD & SDRF J&K. In her welcome address, the Commandant emphasised the need to celebrate “International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction”, as this day aims to reduce/minimize the damage caused by natural hazards like Earthquakes, Floods, droughts and Cyclones through an ethic of prevention.

The chief guest in his address while appreciating the role of SDRF 2nd Bn. Jammu for conducting such Mock Drill Exercises cum Demonstrations also highlighted the concern of Govt. to strengthen the institution of Disaster Management in the state of J&K. The Chief Guest stated that the Directorate of Hgds/CD & SDRF J&K has prepared comprehensive plans for training of SDRF personnel and purchase of high value rescue equipments. The Chief Guest also requested all stake holders to prepare themselves in an efficient manner and strengthen capacity building for tackling All India of adverse & hostile situations.

The International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction was also celebrated by Civil Defence Kathua, Udhampur, Ramban, Doda, Kishtwar, Poonch at Govt. Boys Hr. Sec. School Kathua, PG college Udhampur, Govt. High School Chanderkot, Sports Stadium Doda, Govt. Hr. Sec. School Boys Kishtwar, Sports Stadium Poonch respectively on 13-10-2017. During the day, among others Dy.Commissioners, Civil/Police officers of the concerned districts also participated and celebrated the day successfully.

Similarly, SDRF 1st Bn. Srinagar also celebrated at Government Middle School, Mirak Shah colony Srinagar on 13-10-2017. During the programme a large number of students/staff members of various Educational institutions besides an NGO HOPE Disability centre also participated. Dy.SP Manzoor Ahmad and SDRF instructors delivered lectures on the school safety and a mock exercise/ demonstration also exhibited on the occasion. In addition to this, during celebration of International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, SDRF instructors also conducted various awareness programmes on Disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction at SDRF line Anantnag, DC office Shopian and D.C office Bandipore.

SDRF Instructor briefing the students during a programme on Disaster Risk Reduction Day held at Srinagar
SDRF instructor providing pre-Hospital training during Disaster Risk Reduction Day at Srinagar

On international day for ‘Disaster Risk Reduction’, Civil Defence Jammu conducted a debate competition on ‘school safety’ at Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School Canal Road Jammu on 13-10-2017. Mr. Arun Manhas, Addl. Dy. Commissioner Jammu was the chief guest on the occasion. About 20 students from educational institutions participated in the debate competition. Smt.Anita Pawar, Dy.SP Dy.Controller CD Jammu delivered a lecture on the occasion and motivated the participants to be part of Civil Defence. A large number of students, teachers, CD wardens and volunteers were presented on the occasion.

A view of Debate Competition organised by Civil Defence Jammu at Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School Canal Road Jammu

Moreover, another debate competition Samba also conducted at Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School Samba on 13-10-2017 in which about 30 students from various Govt. Schools of District Samba participated. Sh.Adil Hussain Addl. SP Samba and Sh.Waseem Raja ACR Samba presided over the function as Chief guest and guest of honor respectively. The best debate winners were also awarded suitably to boost their morale.



A view of Civil Defence awareness programme on ‘Drug De Addiction’ organised by Civil Defence Srinagar at Islamia College of Science & Commerce Srinagar on 25-11-2017

Civil Defence Srinagar organized one day awareness camp on Drug Deaddiction at Islamia College of Science & Commerce Srinagar on 25-11-2017. Expert team comprising of Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist, Medical officers, counselors, social workers, Meditation therapist, Pharmacists views on the topic Drug Abuse is preventable behavior and drug addiction is a treatable disease before huge gathering of college students/staff, Civil Defence Volunteers and members of Civil Society. Dr. Mohd Muzafar, Director Drug de addition & rehabilitation centre of Police Hospital Srinagar, Sh. G. M. War president Private School Association Srinagar also present in the day long Awareness Camp. Ms. Nighat Aman, Dy.SP Deputy Controller Civil Defence was the chief organizer of the awareness programme.



Sh. Aamir Ali, Director Disaster Management J&K & Professor G.M. Dar Disaster Management Head alongwith officers/volunteers during an awareness camp held at Pulwama

Civil Defence Pulwama organized one day long CD awareness camp in collaboration with Catholic social service society Pulwama. During the camp a large number of students / civilians and teachers participated and were acquainted with various skills of civil defence and disaster management like first aid, fire fighting, snake bite, CPR emergency knots and improvised methods to be adhered during emergencies. Sh.Aamir Ali Director Disaster Management J&K & Professor G.M. Dar Disaster Management Head were also present during the camp.



    Smt.Anita Pawar, Dy.Controller CD Jammu alongwith wardens distributing CD training certificates among the trained volunteers at Nitco Lane Talab Tillo Jammu
    CD Jammu: Civil Defence Jammu organized two days workshop on Disaster Management at State Institute of Educational and Training (SIET) Muthi camp Jammu w.e.f 30-08-2017 to 31-08-2017 in which about 45 Government employees participated and were acquainted with Civil Defence and Disaster Management skills by the experts. CD Jammu also organized awareness camps at NCC camp Nagrota on 13th & 19th Sept. 2017, Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School Rangpur Mulania R. S. Pura on 04-10-2017 and NCC Nagrota on 17-11-2017. During the awareness camps a large number of NCC cadets/ students participated and were acquainted with Civil Defence and disaster management skills by the experts.
    Moreover, Civil Defence Jammu also conducted basic training camps at Village Shamachak, Jhiri w.e.f 06-09-2017 to 11-09-2017 and at Nitco Lane Talab Tillo Jammu w.e.f 30-10-2017 to 06-11-2017. During the training camps, a large number of civilians/locals participated and were imparted basic training in first aid, fire fighting and rescue operation by the CD/SDRF instructors.
    Civil Defence Jammu also established First Aid Camps at Bahu Fort w.e.f 21-09-2017 to 30-09-2017 as well as Jhiri Mela w.e.f. 03-11-2017 to 14-11-2017. During the camps, CD wardens and volunteers were deputed to facilitate the pilgrims.
  • CD Kathua: Civil Defence Kathua conducted awareness camps at Krishi Vigyan Kendra Rajbagh Kathua on 03-08-2017 and Infant Jesus Hr. Sec. School Hiranagar on 28-08-2017 in which a large number of students/ NYK volunteers participated and were acquainted with Civil Defence and disaster management skills by the experts.
    A view of awareness camp held at Krishi Vigyan Kendra Rajbagh conducted by CD Kathua

    Moreover, Civil Defence Kathua also conducted basic training camp at border village Sanyal Hiranagar w.e.f 05-09-2017 to 09-09-2017, Infant
    Jesus Hr. Sec. School Hiranagar w.e.f. 01-11-2017 to 07-11-2017 and CD conference hall Kathua w.e.f.. 24-11-2017 in which about a large number of students/ civilians participated and were imparted basic training in fire fighting, first aid and rescue operation. Furthermore, 15 days ‘Civil Defence cum Disaster Management’ training course was also conducted at SDRF component Kathua w.e.f 27-10-2017 in Homeguard volunteers were imparted basic training in Civil Defence and disaster management skills by the experts.
    CD/SDRF instructors briefing the participants during an awareness camp held at Hr. Sec. School Ghagwal, Samba
    CD Samba: Civil Defence Samba organised awareness camps at various place like Govt. Hr. Secondary School Ghagwal Samba on 05-08-2017, SLS tutorial BDO Block Vijaypur on 09-08-2017, Community hall Sidh Gouria Swankha on 04-09-2017, National High School Barian Samba on 28-09-2017, Village Sandwai Jatwal Samba on 15-09-2017 and R.K. Model Academy Dhamore Jakh Samba on 18-09-2017, Govt.Girls Hr.Sec.School Samba on 07-11-2017, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Nud on 09-11-2017, Govt. Hr. Sec. School Ramgarh on 13-11-2017. During these camps, a large number of students/ staff members, local people participated and were briefed about the basic skills of Civil Defence and Disaster Management by the instructors.
  • CD Akhnoor: Civil Defence Akhnoor conducted awareness camps at Daskal on 04-08-2017, Sungal on 11-08-2017, Wand No. 01 on 17-08-2017 and ward No. 12, Tanda on 06-09-2017, W. No. 05 on 10-09-2017, W.No. 02 on 16-09-2017 and W.No. 06 on 23-09-2017, Little Flower Public School Akhnoor on 04-10-2017, Tanda Akhnoor on 11-10-2017, Little Star Public School Akhnoor on 18-10-2017, Jio Pota Akhnoor on 14th & 17th Nov. 2017, W.No.8 on 23-11-2017 and W.No.9 on 19-11-2017. During these camps a large number of students/civilians participated and were made aware about role and importance of Civil Defence and Disaster Management during disaster by the experts.
    Moreover, Civil Defence Akhnoor also organized basic training camp w.e.f 26-10-2017 to 31-10-2017 at Geeta Colony Akhnoor in which about 50 local people were imparted basic training in first aid, fire-fighting and rescue operation by the instructors.
  • CD Udhampur: Civil Defence Udhampur conducted 03 days awareness cum first aid camp at Pinchari during Shankri Mela w.e.f 18-08-2017 to 20-08-2017 in which large number of peoples participated. Civil Defence Udhampur also conducted basic training camps at Govt. Hr. Secondary School Kud w.e.f 11-09-2017 to 15-09-2017 and at Panchayat Halqa Krimchi w.e.f 09-10-2017 to 13-10-2017. During the camps, about 200 students/civilians participated and were imparted basic training in first aid, fire fighting and rescue operation by the CD/SDRF instructors.
    A view of demonstration exhibited by instructors during an awareness camp
    held at Parshant Public School Udhampur

    Civil Defence Udhampur also organized awareness camps at Pushant Public School Nagrota Udhampur on 23-09-2017, Govt. Hr. Sec. School Garhi on 25-09-2017, Govt. Boys Hr. Secondary School Udhampur on 27-09-2017, P. G. College Udhampur on 13-10-2017 and at Thatli Panchari on 01/11/2017. During the camps, a large number of students and staff members participated and were acquainted with Civil Defence and disaster management skills by the experts. Besides, VHGs of district Udhampur were also trained in Disaster Management and Civil Defence skills by the experts.
  • CD Sunderbani: Civil Defence Sunderbani conducted various awareness camps at Village Mawapatrara, Sunderbani on 10-08-2017, CD office Sunderbani on 30-08-2017, Bhajwal Sunderbani on 08-09-2017, Sterling Computer Institute Sunderbani on 18-09-2017 and Katav Durga Temple on 28-09-2017, at P W D Bangalow on 16-10-2017, Model Academy Kalideh, Sunderbani on 16-11-2017, New Bus Stand on 20-11-2017 in which about 298 students/civilians participated and were acquainted with Civil Defence and disaster management skills by the experts .
  • CD Nowshera: Civil Defence Nowshera organized awareness camps at Govt. Middle School Mangaldevi Nowshera on 28-08-2017, Govt. Middle School Ganiah Nowshera on 29-08-2017, Dak Banglow Nowshera on 10-10-2017 and Lambari Nowshera on 17-10-2017. During these camps about 205 students/local people participated and were acquainted with Civil Defence and disaster management skills by the experts. Besides, 15 days CD & Disaster Management training courses were also conducted at Nowshera in month of Nov.2017 in which Homeguard volunteers were imparted basic training in disaster management by the experts.
  • CD Rajouri: Civil Defence Rajouri organized CD basic training camps at Darhal Rajouri w.e.f 08-08-2017 to 12-08-2017, Budhal Rajouri w.e.f. 27-09-2017, Rani Bhather w.e.f. 17-11-2017 and at CD office Rajouri w.e.f.23-11-2017 in which a large number of local people participated and were imparted basic training in first aid, fire fighting and rescue operation by the CD/SDRF instructors.
    Moreover, Civil Defence Rajouri also conducted awareness camps at Darhal Rajouri on 10-10-2017, Thanamandi Rajouri on 12-10-2017, CD office Rajouri on 13-10-2017 and Kote Ranka Rajouri on 16-10-2017. During these camps a large number of students/civilians participated and were made aware about the role and importance of Civil Defence and Disaster Management during disaster by the experts.
    Sh.Kewal Krishan, Dy.SP briefing the participants during an awareness camp held at Sports Stadium Poonch
    CD Poonch: Civil Defence Poonch organized awareness camps at various places of district Poonch i.e. at Govt. Hr. Secondary School Gursai Mouri on 26-08-2017, Panchayat Ghar Surankote Poonch on 27-09-2017, SDRF component Poonch on 04-10-2017, Sports Stadium Poonch on 13-10-2017, Panchayat Ghar Mandi Poonch on 26-10-2017, Mandi Poonch on 01-11-2017 in which a large number of students/civilians participated were acquainted with Civil Defence and disaster management skills by the experts .
    Besides five days basic training camp was also conducted at Govt.High School Patti Gursai Mendhar w.e.f. 02-11-2017 to 08-11-2017 in which about 65 students imparted basic training by the instructors.
    A view of one day CD awareness camp organised at Panchayats Nagam Gund Tehsil Banihal Ramban
    CD Ramban: Civil Defence/SDRF Component Ramban organized awareness camps at Govt. Girls High School Batote on 29-08-2017, Govt. Middle School Dalwas Ramban on 19-09-2017, Panchayat Ghar Gund Banihal on 26-09-2017, Panchayat Ghar Tethar Banihal on 27-09-2017 and Panchayat Ghar Kaskoot Banihal on 28-09-2017, District Police Line Ramban on 06-10-2017, Govt. High School Chanderkote Ramban on 13-10-2017 and Govt.Hr.Sec. School Batote on 22-11-2017. During these camps a large number of students/ civilians participated and were made aware about the role and importance of Civil Defence and Disaster Management during disaster.
    Besides, VHGs of district Ramban were also trained in Disaster Management and Civil Defence skills by the experts.
  • CD Reasi: Civil Defence/SDRF component Reasi conducted two days CD awareness camps at STC Talwara Reasi w.e.f 18-08-2017 to 19-08-2017 in which about 914 trainees participated and were acquainted with Disaster Management demonstrations and skills by SDRF instructors.
    HG/CD & SDRF personnel conducted sanitation drive under ‘Swach Bharat campaign’ at DC office Reasi
    Moreover, Civil Defence Reasi also conducted awareness camps at Govt. Middle School Kayola Reasi on 14-09-2017, High School Kamble Danga Reasi on 13-10-2017 and Govt. Middle School Seela Reasi on 20-11-2017. During the camps a large number of students participated and were briefed about the role and importance of Civil Defence and Disaster Management by the CD/SDRF instructors.
  • CD Doda: Civil Defence Doda conducted CD awareness camps at various places of district Doda i.e. at Dalian Bhaderwah on 21-08-2017, Poneja Tehsil Chiralla on 11-08-2017, Panchayat Halqa Balwana Doda on 11-09-2017, Panchayat Halqa Tilograh Gandoh on 17-09-2017, Panchayat Halqa Delain Bhaderwah on 27-09-2017, Panchayat Halqa Trithloo Gandoh on 20-09-2017, Sports stadium Doda on 13-10-2017, Ghat Doda on 23-10-2017, Dhat Khankoot on 24-10-2017, Nagri Doda on 27-10-2017, Bhalla Doda on 31-10-2017 and at Tilograh Doda on 20-11-2017. During these camps, a large number of civilians participated and were acquainted with Civil Defence and disaster management skills by the CD/SDRF instructors.
  • CD Kishtwar: Civil Defence/SDRF component Kishtwar conducted awareness camps at Helipad Ground Chatroo Kishtwar on 14-09-2017, Panchayat Halqa Trigam Kishtwar on 17-09-2017, Govt. High School Sangram Bata Kishtwar on 18-09-2017, Malar Palmar on 21-10-2017 and Govt. Hr. Sec. School Boys Kishtwar on 13-10-2017.
    Participants were acquainted with SDRF skills and demonstrations during an awareness camp organised at Kishtwar
    During these camps a large number of students/local people participated and were made aware about role and importance of Civil Defence and Disaster Management techniques. Besides, VHGs of district Kishtwar were also trained in Disaster Management and Civil Defence skills by the experts.
    Smt.Nighat Aman, Dy.Controller CD Srinagar briefing the students during a civil defence camp at Srinagar
    CD Srinagar: Civil Defence Srinagar imparted Civil Defence basic training to 219 youths at Manasbal Ganderbal w.e.f. 07-08-2017 to 11-08-2017, Rainawari w.e.f. 13-09-2017 to 19-09-2017, KG Poly technique College w.e.f 16-10-2017 to 23-10-2017. During these training camps trainees were acquainted about the tactics of first aid and fire fighting etc besides vulnerability of J&K State to Natural Disasters of flood, earth quake, draught and epidemics etc by the instructors.
  • CD Baramulla:- CD awareness camps were organized by Civil Defence Baramulla at Nowpora Wagoora Baramulla on 10-08-2017, Rafiabad Baramulla on 17-08-2017, Govt. Hospital Rampora Rajpora Sopore on 30-08-2017, Khailpora Tangmarg on 07-09-2017, Sheerwani Colony Baramulla on 14-09-2017, Cancer Centre Baramulla on 14-09-2017, Elite Computer centre Baramulla and at Govt. Degree college Baramulla 07-10-2017.
    Students ware acquainted with Disaster Management skills by the experts at Baramulla
    During these camps a large number of students / civilians and teachers participated and were acquainted with various skills of civil defence and disaster management by the CD/SDRF instructors.
  • CD Pulwama: CD awareness camps were organized by Civil Defence Pulwama at Catholic Social Service Society Pulwama on 23-08-2017 and at Village Mugal Pora Pulwama on 17-09-2017. During these camps about 130 students/civilians and teachers participated and were acquainted with various skills of Civil Defence. Besides Civil Defence training camp of 05-days duration was also conducted w.e.f. 06-10-2017 to 10-10-2017 in which about 40 Civil Defence Volunteers were imparted basic training in fire-fighting, first-aid, rescue operations etc. by the instructors.
  • CD Budgam:- Various awareness camps were conducted by Civil Defence Budgam i.e. at Panchayat Ghar Bunzanigam on 08-08-2017, Panzan Budgam on 16-08-2017, Govt. High school Raitan Budgam on 19-08-2017, Govt. High school Kachwari Budgam on 24-08-2017, Dragger Khansahib Budgam on 26-08-2017, Waterhail Budgam on 31-08-2017, Govt. Degree collage Khansahib Budgam on 07-09-2017, Govt. High School Shamsabad Budgam on 09-09-2017, Govt. High School Rawalpora Khansahib on 11-09-2017, Govt. High School Bargoo Khansahib Budgam on 14-09-2017, Govt. High School Watred Budgam on 16-09-2017, Mohamadiya High school Sebdan Budgam on 21-09-2017, Islamia Educational Trust High School Mirgund Budgam on 27-09-2017, Sheikul Alam Hall Budgam on 14-09-2017, Govt. High School Gooripora Budgam on 23-10-2017 and Govt. High School Gariend Khared Budgam on 26-10-2017. During these camps about 2772 local youths and senior citizens were acquainted with disaster management and Civil Defence techniques by the experts.
    Instructor demonstrating the students about first aid and CPR during a camp held at Anantnag
    CD Anantnag:- Civil Defence Anantnag organized three basic training camps of 05-days duration at Govt. Degree coleage Kokernag w.e.f. 22-08-2017 to 26-08-2017, Govt. Higher Secondary School Mattan w.e.f. 06-09-2017 to 11-09-2017 and at SET paramedical Institute Bijbihara Anantnag w.e.f. 03-10-2017 to 09-10-2017. During these camps about 150 students participated and were imparted basic training in fire-fighting, first aid and rescue operations by the CD/SDRF instructors.
  • CD Uri: - CD unit Uri conducted awareness camp and basic training camp at Isham Charka Uri and Govt. High School Balkote Uri respectively. During these camps about 100 youths were trained in first aid and fire fighting besides CPR and other pre hospital treatment techniques were shared with the participants.
  • CD Kupwara:- Civil Defence Kupwara conducted basic training camp of 05-days duration w.e.f. 22-08-2017 to 26-08-2017 in which about 47 local youth were enrolled as Civil Defence Volunteers and trained in disaster management and first aid etc. by the CD/SDRF instructors.


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