India to Host G20 Summit in Jammu and Kashmir 2023

The central government of India has recently released a list of Indian cities that are going to hold upcoming G20 meetings. Surprisingly, the Central Government of India has included Srinagar as one of the cities that are going to hold the meeting.

It is going to be the first international event in the valley since the central government abolished Article 370 back in August 2019. Now, Kashmir does not have special provisions, and it is a declared union territory of the Indian government.

The Indian government wanted a chance to declare that Kashmir was stable, peaceful and ready to engage with the world after its controversial decision to abolish Article 370, which ensured special provisions for the reason. 

There was a lot of criticism of the Indian government when they first abolished the special status of the region. Pakistan and several countries around the world reacted that the Indian government should not have done it.

The central Government of India is no longer in the mood to talk about article 370 and the special provisions for the region. The foreign minister of India recently made a statement mentioning that 370 is history and we should move on. 

What are the Major Benefits of the G20 Meeting in Kashmir?

There are a number of benefits for the Indian government holding G20 meetings in Kashmir Valley. First of all, the Indian government will prove to everyone that Kashmir is a safe place to do business, and it will also boost the confidence of Indians as well.

There is no doubt that the G20 summit and its media coverage are going to help the tourism industry in the valley. A lot of Indians are still sceptical about the tourism in Kashmir Valley.

The Indian government will tell everyone, with the help of G20, that the Kashmir valley is completely safe to visit.

The G20 meeting is going to help several sectors in the valley, including handloom and handicrafts. The meeting will further let everyone in the world know that revoking 370 and the special characters of the valley was in their Favor.

India to Host G20 Summit in Jammu and Kashmir
India to Host G20 Summit in Jammu and Kashmir

What is the Latest Situation in Jammu and Kashmir after the Announcement of the G20?

The situation in Jammu and Kashmir has been improving since last year. The statistics and recent reports have been indicating that Kashmir Valley is improving like never before.

The tourism industry in the region broke every record last year. Even though most tourists are domestic, the money is rolling in the valley, and it has helped millions of residents of Jammu and Kashmir to rebuild their lives.

Other than that, an Emirati property company has announced that they are going to invest around $60,000,000 to build shopping malls and offices in Srinagar. 

Although there were some targeted attacks on the Hindu minority in the valley, the overall situation is improving, and people are enjoying the new developments.

As always, political parties in the valley, including the national conference of Jammu and Kashmir, have been demanding statehood of Jammu and Kashmir.

Currently, Jammu and Kashmir is a union territory, and the local leaders want their statehood back. Doctor Farooq Abdullah mentioned in a press conference that every citizen offers the valley what’s the state of Jammu and Kashmir as it was before 2019.

Army schools closed till May 20 in Jammu Ahead of an Important Meeting

The Indian army decided to shut army schools in the Jammu region as a part of precautionary measures. The region is going to hold a G20 meeting, and The army suspected that militants might attack soft targets.

Since April 20th, around ten soldiers have died in 2 separate terrorist attacks in the districts of Rajouri and Poonch.

The government does not want to take any risk when it comes to the safety of kids in the valley. The schools might be shut, but students can study online. The army will open schools, which will happen soon after the meeting is over.

Along with closing schools, the army and Kashmir administration have advised Kashmiri Pandits working in the valley to shift to Jammu. The government does not want to take any risk as it is an important international event.

There were several attacks even before the announcement of the G20 summit in the valley on Kashmiri pandits working in Kashmir. 

What are the dates of the G20 meeting in Jammu and Kashmir?

The G20 meeting in Jammu and Kashmir will be held on the 23rd and 24th of May, 2023. The central Government of India, the army and local administration are working hard to make it a successful meeting with impeccable security.

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