Hina Khan, Ram Charan attends G20 Summit in Kashmir

After Ram Chara, Hina Khan Joined the G-20 Meeting in Kashmir.

She was Born in Kashmiri Muslim family in Kashmir Valley. Later she did MBA and became Successful Actress. 

Ram Charan Joined the Meeting and Expressed his Gratitude. 

Ram Charan Also Danced on his Iconic Song "Natu-Natu" with G-20 Delegate.

Both Superstars made a appearance in the G-20 summit and Represented Indian Diversity. 

India Hosted the first major event in Kashmir after abolition of the Article 370

There was immense pressure from Pakistan on G-20 Nations to Boycott the Meeting. 

The G-20 Meeting in Kashmir was a Huge sucess. 17 Member naitions and 7 Guest Nations Joined the Historic Meeting.