UPSC candidates from Jammu and Kashmir are slowly making into Civil Services.

1. Wasemm Bhatt 2. Shah Faesal 3. Athar Amir Khan 3 Toppers from the Kashmir Valley.

16 Candidates cracked the CSE-2023 from the Union Territory.

Wasem Ahmed Bhatt Secured the AIR 7 in CSE-2022.

Another Candidate named Parsanjit Kour Secured 11th Rank in the Merit.

Mohammad Shafi Pandit first Kashmiri Muslim to enter the Indian Administrative Service in 1969

The Struggle and Success story of Shah Faesal in 2010 became the motivation for the youth in valley.

The Recent success of Athar Amir has also became an Inspiration for the Valley.

The Rising number of Civil Servants from the Valley may also help the youth find passion and move towards peace.