Tourists from all around the country are rushing to Valley to beat the Heat wave.

The rising Temperature in different parts of the country has pushed tourists to the Valley.

The maximum temperature of 20 Degrees in the Valley has been gaining attention of Tourists. 

The snowfall at the famous ski resort of Gulmarg has also become hotspot for tourists.  

The recent G-20 meeting in the Kashmir Valley has also raised the confidence of tourists.

Since the abolition of Article 370, there are fewer security concerns, which also aid the confidence of tourists. 

More than 21 Lac tourists visited Jammu and Kashmir in 2022. Its highest in the history of region.

LG Manoj Sinha believe Tourism alone have capabilities to revive the economy of region. 

Most Local Kashmiri's are also happy with the Rising number of tourists in the valley.

The rising Number of tourists in the valley will help the local youth get employment and stay away for foreign influence.