Why has Pakistan again started crying its old tune?

Pakistan put immense pressure on G-20 Countries around the world to not join the Meeting. 


Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto also warned India for hosting the G-20 Meeting in Kashmir.

Pakistan has major set back after G-20 event in Kashmir.

17 Member Nations of G-20 Group Joined the Meeting in Kashmir and Shared their Ideas. 

3 major Islamic Countries also  joined G-20 meeting in Kashmir. UAE, Bangladesh and Indonesia Joined the meeting. 

Pakistan hold Rallies in Pak Occupied Kashmir and other areas of the Country.

Pakistanis are also condemning its govt and Praising PM Modi for Diplomacy.

Bilawal Bhutto Later commend three G-20 countries that didn't joined the meeting in Kashmir.

India have won the biggest Geo-Political war of 21st century. G-20 meeting in Kashmir was a huge success.