Citizen’s Charter

How you can help in Civil Defence

Remember what you do in Civil Defence and how well and how soon you do it, can make a real difference in Disaster Management. The price we pay now is the price of freedom.

Civil Defence in Survival Games

Discussion on games like “This War of Mine,” which places players in a war-torn city where they must navigate the challenges of survival, including the breakdown of civil defense systems.

Civil Defence Services carry a heavy responsibility, and they are well-trained for that purpose. But these services need men-willing men who are ready to work and receive training and dedicate themselves for that purpose. You should, therefore, delay no further but volunteer for the service of your choice.
 If you are physically fit and technical-minded, join the Rescue Service or the Auxiliary Fire Service.

  • If you are a doctor, a nurse or a first-aider, join. the Casualty Service.
  • If you are a teacher or a professor, join the Civil Defence Training Service.
  • If you are a driver, join the Depot and Transport Service.
  • If you are a welfare worker, join the Welfare Service.
  • If you are a radio operator or telephone operator, join the Communication Service.

It shows that there is a place for everyone of you in the Civil Defence Organisation of a town. So, lose no time. Contact your local Civil Defence Office and enroll yourself. Start training in one of the organised Civil Defence Services.
Our people have made untold sacrifices to achieve independence, to retain our hard-won freedom, but greater sacrifices may be needed. Always remember that and do your part in defending the freedom of your motherland by joining Civil Defence.